Wednesday, September 24, 2014

since u been gone.

I don't mean to insinuate that it is your fault that we haven't spoken in so long, blog.  It is my fault.  I am the one to blame.  I have thought about you often, and even written in my day planner things like To Do: NSED and remember nsed? and WILL YOU WRITE A GODDAMN BLOG POST JESUS CHRIST, but then when I get home from work I mostly just collapse onto my bed and fall asleep.

It has come to pass, you see, that I am now an adult.  A Brooklyn-residing, New York City-working, bridge-running, tiny-kitchen-cooking, still-need-to-buy-a-bedside-table-and-a-lampshade-and-figure-out-the-F-train adult. I have a job and a lease, but also a box of cereal that I found in my bed this morning because I dunno maybe I fell asleep eating cereal who are you the POLICE?

Adulthood is a farce.  But it is FUN and this city is WILD and I mostly always wake up grinning so I say let's keep doing it.