Wednesday, May 14, 2014

sleeveless and posi.

H&M kimardigan (kimono + cardigan? I'm gonna make this term a thing); Zara tank; Betsey Johnson pants; espadrilles that a man made me in his shop for 8 euro

Got hit in the face by a really awesome bit of America yesterday when I walked into a coffee shop to find a dude in a Hossa jersery straight up shouting to the girl at his table about wanting to grow a "power stache as an ode to the 90's."  She looked a little embarrassed about his lack of volume control, but mostly interested in his theories.  "Its the funniest thing you can do to your face, hands down," he said.  "Cuz then every girl like gasps and is totally shocked when she sees it."  I almost hugged him, that lil slice of silly bro-dom in this wash of Euro hombres.

I cannot grow a power stache --- believe me, I have been trying --- and instead will have to honor the decade of my birth with a pair of harem pants and some nearly floor-grazing layering.  Looks like I'm going to bed but actually am entering the real world?  Sign me UP.

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