Sunday, April 20, 2014

pretty bits.

An Easter Sunday round up of things.

A teeny little initial that came in the mail because I am Very Lucky; in addition to being wonderful, hilarious and kind, my friends also happen to have really great taste. 

Iced coffee horchata.  Entirely different in Madrid, since Spanish horchata is made with chufas, or tiger nuts, instead of rice, and everyone thinks I'm a major weirdo for wanting to put it in my coffee, but we soldier on in the name of hot weather traditions. 

It was sitting in the To Be Read pile on my bedside table underneath some nonfiction, but the passing of a genius means his work rises to the top.  

Spying on the neighbors' cats with a collapsible brass wonder (Very Lucky x2) from my sunny spot on the terrace.  When did this get to be my life?

I like to make sweet things for the host fam for when they get back from traveling, and I couldn't really deal with the fact that they'd never heard of banana bread (never HEARD of BANANA BREAD?!) for a single additional minute.  So here we are. 

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