Thursday, April 3, 2014

juevery inspirational.

Just some things to get you (me) going on this sunny Thursday.

The Madewell lookbook -- its called Cool Sexy Tomboy, which, I don't know, might be what I'm always striving for.  Teaching me all the ways to wear denim for the rest of my life, and also taking note of my seventh grade habit of wearing cargo shorts from the boy's section of Hollister and saying, You can do that again, but you need to do it better.

Some street style genius.  Buh.  Effortless day dress wearing is not easy, and "Jess in Istanbul" is really killing it.


Sourceless pinning leading me to a top notch pink and a well done center part. I fear both things, but it's the good kind of fear.  Lipstick and a comb coming my way, probably.

This crazybeautiful carrot cake from Two Red Bowls that makes me want to rupture the space-time continuum so I can be in California two months ago and make it for my dad's birthday.  What do you say, Dad?  Cake date in July?

Taking digital walks in Le Marais and reading a bunch of David Lebovitz aka six days til Paris y'all.

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