Thursday, March 20, 2014

way to salt his game, mr. cohen.

Unless you know, you don't know.  Unless you've eaten Maldon, you think salt is salt is salt.  And you are wrong, but you are also uninitiated and so for that we can forgive you.

HELLO WORLD today we're talkin BOUGIE SALT.  It's real.  It's important.  And you should convert to it right now.

This is not a story about switching up your entire kitchen game. Sometimes you need to put a teaspoon of salt in your cake batter (not a TABLESPOON ha ha ha but who would make THAT mistake oof definitely not me ever), and you should absolutely be using normal salt in that situation.  But when a finishing sprinkle is required, equal parts delicious and beautiful, capable of knocking your toast up 3 notches, that is when I'm instructing you to reach for the Maldon.

I do not know the science here.  I know Maldon is a UK company (making boxes not normally in Spanish), and I know that somehow their salt is...saltier than other salt.  This is my professional opinion.  Salty-ass salt.  You only need a pinch to make magic happen.  On your avocado toast.  Chocolate chip cookies.  In cute little travel tins.  Finishing natural peanut butter!  Eggs, obvi.  Radishes, if you are a fancy person or from Norway.  The final touch on a salad or to add a kick to homemade caramel.  Flaky sea salt is "harvested," I guess, with... I don't know, doesn't this look like a rake? I'm literally just looking at the pictures and not reading any information because I want it to remain a mystery to me forever.  The point is do yourself a favor and invest in a box of Maldon.

And yeah, it is not lost on me that this stuff goes for about $1.50/ounce.  When Ina Garten says to use "good" things, like in her recipes she writes "good olive oil" or "good bread" (which is famous-chef-from-the-Hamptons speak for "treat yo-self"), this is what she means.  Good salt.  If Ina and Aziz agree, you best be getting on board.

Tell me someone understands. 

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