Wednesday, March 12, 2014

reality television.

My body is currently operating at a number of degrees that is higher than it should be, so this post is coming in HOT (yesss) from a fever-dreamy bedridden situation.  I do occasionally get up to be a human (refill water bottle, eat entire box of imported Kraft Mac-n-Cheese) but I would much rather take advantage of my weakened state to go full tilt Comforter Nest Maker.  I also look really good, if you are into sweaty people.

Ok cute so now that that's done!  Here's a roundup of pretty things that I'm looking at to delay my inevitable start of True Detective.

This Scalamandré "Zebra" wallpaper.  In my dreams this is what my living room looks like, but then I also have a gown or pencil skirt or something in the same pattern, so I can match my house like Mariah Carey did on Cribs.

The big ol boots at the Topshop Unique show last month, I'm still thinking about those.

Archives from food photography duo Peden + Munk.  Now that they're engaged to each other, I can't stop looking at pictures of raw meat that they took for The Grilling Book and being like, "They're so in love!!!!"

This is the fever talking.  This whole post is the fever talking.

People of whom I need to stop looking at pictures because honestly how do they exist for real in the world.

And finally: the things I either cannot get or have a lot of trouble getting in Spain that I want to consume really a lot, right now and always.

This looks like the bad scrapbook of a crazy person.  I need more Tylenol.  Goodnight!

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