Tuesday, February 11, 2014

that time again.

When your Instagram feed and mine are filled with runway picture after runway picture after runway video after accessory detail shot from inside of a cab.  Fashion week!  I understand very little about these whole proceedings, as much as I pretend otherwise, and spend a significant number of seconds per day scrolling as fast as I can past birdlike legs and bored expressions to get to the awesomely filtered images of cats and stuff that I'm used to.

Nevertheless.  There is, because I am an excitable female with an appetite for clothing, the occasional thing that piques my interest.  I screenshot it, and then I hunt for it later in the scary fashion well of mysteries that is the style.com runway slideshow archive. I humbly present my lust list to you now.

Excuse me but where was this when I had 9AM acting class twice a week?  This is the best version of full body daytime pajamas I have ever seen.  Its just far enough away from Hanna Andersson to be appropriate for an adult...while still totally being Hanna Andersson.  The lipstick is also strange and great.  Get on my body.

Its just...if I had this coat, I would need it to be cold always so I could wear it always.  This coat would help me continue to abide by my rule of stuffing pockets full of personal effects in lieu of purse-carrying during winter months (thieves, you now know my secret! strike at will!). Also its so long. And is basically a vest and scarf as well.  Yes.

The designer says this collection is a tribute to suffragettes, which makes sense because those women knew how to DRESS and definitely invented the word-adorned tote.  I love this fantastic sweatshirt.  It is a far cry from the 2012 "Liberal, Miserable and Cynical" campaign which, while true of many humans and me sometimes, is a complete bummer that I don't want on my body. Gimme naive and optimistic anti-swug swag any day.

I don't actually want this (except maybe I do think I would rock the skirt a little bit), but can we all agree that it makes us want to put it on and go into battle?  Like fight off a bunch of similarly pinstriped but secretly evil Wall Street types with a katana?  That's how I feel.

Guys Mary Kate and Ashley are turning people into sheep and I am on board.  I am very on board.

I will never be cool enough to dress like this, and not just because I went to private school my whole life.  I wear head to toe black incredibly often, as it is a simple and uncreative outfit math problem (black + black + black = time to go), and I have never looked this awesome.  Ugh. The real winner here -- though I was initially taken with a grey fleece/black leather coat (look 27) -- is a pair of slouchy ombre houndstooth trousers.  Cool pants, is what they are.

The woman is just such gold, regardless of what Billy on the Street has to say.  I made a gasping sound when I saw this dress for the first time.  God.  I would love it if someone could invite me to be their date at a v. important gala sometime soon so I could have a reason to figure out how a normal human being wears this dress.  I want that challenge.  I am so up for that challenge.  The pomeranian pillowcase I could take or leave.

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