Sunday, February 2, 2014


Nollie shirt; Topshop denim; thrifted belt

Tall jeans and a braid make me feel sort of invincible.

Its because high waisted denim has the power of looking good on every single human, which leads me to believe that the most famous jeans of all time absolutely had to be of this variety.  Plus do we even have to talk about the view from the back?  Wearing a pair of high waisted denim is wrapping yourself in the best material of all time, feeling awesome, and still being able to sit on the floor comfortably without going all Lindsay-Lohan-getting-out-of-a-car on everyone present.  Why we do not do this every day I am still uncertain.

A braid is like...the free and more universally pull-off-able version of a headscarf.  It says hello day, throw your worst at me, because I am here to Rosie the Riveter the shit out of you.  It may also say I have not washed my hair in a indeterminate number of days, but at least you look like a Laura Ingalls Wilder character while it says that.

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