Thursday, February 27, 2014

consistency issues.

A la Katy Heron, army pants and flip flops: I read about some lady making chia seed I made chia seed pudding.

It was just so stupidly easy looking, and I'd never had it before and wanted to know what all the fuss was about.  Much to the confusion of my Spanish family (most of my cooking endeavors baffle them tbh), I mixed the seeds, milk, agave and vanilla together in a big tupperware last night, shoved it in the fridge behind a giant wedge of manchego, and went on my merry way.

CUT TO: this afternoon, when I retrieved it from the chilly recesses.  Pudding!  Or something.  Gloppy and strange and weird looking but so damn addictive.  Man.  I had to allot myself one little teacup so as not to consume my yearly quota of omega-3s in one sitting.  What is it?  Breakfast?  Dessert?  That thing you eat straight out of the fridge right after you do the dishes?  Is it good for you in any real way?  Its it -- as my sister noted when I texted her a picture --- actually larvae?  Jury's out, but I'm getting seconds thirds byeeee.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Free People dress; Brandy Melville top; By Corpus jacket; Steve Madden boots; KIKO nail lacquer in 835 and Essie nail polish in Naughty Nautical (seriously?) 

Fourth grade me (death before dresses, puke > pink) is choking on her Fruit By The Foot right now.

Here's something else: sometimes you buy teal nail polish, and then right after that your mom sends you slightly different teal nail polish in the mail.  The answer is to paint your nails with both at the same time.

Friday, February 21, 2014

lines and spots.

J.Crew cardigan; American Apparel crop top; Topshop denim

There is an oft-Pinterested Jenna Lyons quote that goes, "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral."

As far as I'm concerned, you just don't get to disagree with Jenna Lyons.  I think about this outfit of hers a lot, and then immediately afterward I think of this picture, and then honestly I'm imagining everything she's ever worn to the Met Ball.  And then I think about all of the women on this PLANET, whether they know her name or not, whose personal styles are a direct result of her J.Crew overhaul.  The lady has, in addition to 300 pairs of shoes and the office of your dreams, major brilliance and massive clout.  You probably just agree with whatever Jenna Lyons says.  You probably just nod and smile, for fear that she has cronies in incredibly tailored suits, ready, always, at her word, to egg the homes and shred the chambray of all of her dissenters.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


BDG sweater; American Apparel v-neck I got for free at a bar (it has the Captain Morgan logo on the back, which I occasionally forget about); Zara pants; Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Nothing quite so easy and right as a big t-shirt, cozy sweater and pants that fit well. With a different pair of shoes (or none) you might have assumed I was napping.

But I think its important for everyone to own some footwear that makes them feel formidable.  Not necessarily high heels or anything pointy or shiny, but certainly go for it if that's your thing.  The only two requirements for a power shoe are that in them, you feel like you could take on the world, and also run 3 miles.  They have to be comfortable.  No one is formidable while limping.

Sharing the number one spot in my closet with some zip up black booties are these taupe JC monsters.  Litas are a good place to start if you're in the market for something impressive; every sidewalk feels like a runway, and no one can miss you -- all 7 vertical feet of you -- when you're stomping their way.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

the story of a craving.

I wish it was something fancier, but it is not; my favorite food is sandwiches.  Weird grammar of that sentence notwithstanding.  I don't eat them very often, mostly because serious quantities of bread put me in a coma, but there is quite literally nothing like a well-crafted sub, and I have to occasionally ignore the downsides and eat one.

I read Jonathan Letham's Motherless Brooklyn this week (is this gonna turn into a thing where I always tell you what I'm reading?), a novel whose Tourettic protagonist frequents a local deli to calm his outbursts.  The act of eating comforts hims, and in filling his mouth with cold cuts and spicy peppers, he temporarily feels his tics subside.

Dudes, every time this fictional character bought a sandwich (it was a lot of times), I freaked out.  I wanted a sandwich SO BADLY. Suddenly, on the train platform or on the couch or wherever I was reading, I found I had a similarly curable anxiety problem, an overwhelming frenzy of desire that could only be quelled by a lot of discordant ingredients brought together on a crusty roll into one beautiful sandwich symphony.  WHAT.  Who talks about sandwiches like this?!  Me.  I do.  I did.  I was fiending.

Right, so then today I made a sandwich.

Nothing fancy.  Bread from a local bakery. Ham. Manchego. Grainy mustard. Tomatoes. Fig preserves (trust me). And arugula. Toasted, stacked, gobbled.

And I swear to you, while I was eating it, Earth was entirely at peace.

Friday, February 14, 2014

level love.

Cheap Monday tee; Gilligan & O'Malley slip dress; Hue tights; bangle stolen from mother; Sofft heels -- yes the grandma brand, let's not fight

Some big hoops, an enormous slitted shirt and over the knee tights for this unseasonably warm day.  I am sorry to all who are frozen solid, buried in snow and/or swimming through slush.  If you come over I will make you hot chocolate and we can talk about it.  

If the question is did I wear those heels all day, the answer is yes.  And if the follow up question is did I pay for it later, the answer is no because GRANDMA. BRAND.  Trust. 

Lucky me. 
Happy Veeds, lovers and friends!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

that time again.

When your Instagram feed and mine are filled with runway picture after runway picture after runway video after accessory detail shot from inside of a cab.  Fashion week!  I understand very little about these whole proceedings, as much as I pretend otherwise, and spend a significant number of seconds per day scrolling as fast as I can past birdlike legs and bored expressions to get to the awesomely filtered images of cats and stuff that I'm used to.

Nevertheless.  There is, because I am an excitable female with an appetite for clothing, the occasional thing that piques my interest.  I screenshot it, and then I hunt for it later in the scary fashion well of mysteries that is the runway slideshow archive. I humbly present my lust list to you now.

Excuse me but where was this when I had 9AM acting class twice a week?  This is the best version of full body daytime pajamas I have ever seen.  Its just far enough away from Hanna Andersson to be appropriate for an adult...while still totally being Hanna Andersson.  The lipstick is also strange and great.  Get on my body.

Its just...if I had this coat, I would need it to be cold always so I could wear it always.  This coat would help me continue to abide by my rule of stuffing pockets full of personal effects in lieu of purse-carrying during winter months (thieves, you now know my secret! strike at will!). Also its so long. And is basically a vest and scarf as well.  Yes.

The designer says this collection is a tribute to suffragettes, which makes sense because those women knew how to DRESS and definitely invented the word-adorned tote.  I love this fantastic sweatshirt.  It is a far cry from the 2012 "Liberal, Miserable and Cynical" campaign which, while true of many humans and me sometimes, is a complete bummer that I don't want on my body. Gimme naive and optimistic anti-swug swag any day.

I don't actually want this (except maybe I do think I would rock the skirt a little bit), but can we all agree that it makes us want to put it on and go into battle?  Like fight off a bunch of similarly pinstriped but secretly evil Wall Street types with a katana?  That's how I feel.

Guys Mary Kate and Ashley are turning people into sheep and I am on board.  I am very on board.

I will never be cool enough to dress like this, and not just because I went to private school my whole life.  I wear head to toe black incredibly often, as it is a simple and uncreative outfit math problem (black + black + black = time to go), and I have never looked this awesome.  Ugh. The real winner here -- though I was initially taken with a grey fleece/black leather coat (look 27) -- is a pair of slouchy ombre houndstooth trousers.  Cool pants, is what they are.

The woman is just such gold, regardless of what Billy on the Street has to say.  I made a gasping sound when I saw this dress for the first time.  God.  I would love it if someone could invite me to be their date at a v. important gala sometime soon so I could have a reason to figure out how a normal human being wears this dress.  I want that challenge.  I am so up for that challenge.  The pomeranian pillowcase I could take or leave.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Nollie shirt; Topshop denim; thrifted belt

Tall jeans and a braid make me feel sort of invincible.

Its because high waisted denim has the power of looking good on every single human, which leads me to believe that the most famous jeans of all time absolutely had to be of this variety.  Plus do we even have to talk about the view from the back?  Wearing a pair of high waisted denim is wrapping yourself in the best material of all time, feeling awesome, and still being able to sit on the floor comfortably without going all Lindsay-Lohan-getting-out-of-a-car on everyone present.  Why we do not do this every day I am still uncertain.

A braid is like...the free and more universally pull-off-able version of a headscarf.  It says hello day, throw your worst at me, because I am here to Rosie the Riveter the shit out of you.  It may also say I have not washed my hair in a indeterminate number of days, but at least you look like a Laura Ingalls Wilder character while it says that.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

the little things, really.

Little, edible, joyful things.  Five of them.

1. Wintertime citrus.  I inhale it.  By this point I'm at least 67.2% vitamin C.

2. I will never love anything the way I love a fried egg broken over greens.  Add some sriracha and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and I'm telling you, you can never go back to before (ugh bye).  It looks like gloppy weird weirdness.  It tastes like love.

3. The Swedish sweets shop down the street sells this awesome mushroom shaped marshmallow candy called skumsvampar, which is obviously a terrible name but I would guess the Swedes disagree.  Wait I just google translated it to see if maybe it meant Delicious Habit-Forming Confection, which would be accurate, but it means "foam sponges."  So really.  Pretend you don't know what they're called.  But find some, if you can.

4. The simplest breakfast quinoa.  Almond milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, bananas. If it could speak it would say, Everything is good in this world.  Shut up and eat me.

And 5.  Latte art is polarizing, but good coffee is a time-tested unifier.