Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have found that if you think hard enough about soup --- really really focus to the point that it takes over your dreams and you wake up with a spoon in your bed (true story, but probably more to do with the nuggets I live with than the power of my subconscious) --- you will be granted an empty kitchen for an entire weekend, and can make any soup you want.

I made Love and Lemon's kale and white bean soup, but with no chives and double the rosemary, as the latter grows, untamed and wildly fragrant, in the front yard.  The subtle wine-y ness, herbs and late-in-the-game hit of spice and vinegar make this an addictive rainy day meal situation.  Like an all day, bowl after bowl, scrape the pot clean meal situation.  Please.  Feed this to your self.

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