Monday, January 27, 2014

lookin like.

Some Things

Last week a hairdresser with a bridge piercing told me I had boring hair.  I was sitting on a swivel chair with a gay porn magazine on my lap --- I'd grabbed the first one off the salon waiting area table en route to his station, expecting Euro celebrity trash, and was met with a lot of greased up naked dudes instead -- and watched in the mirror as he turned a long brown lock of mine upwards to inspect the ends.  "Its fine," he offered.  "Its just very boring."  Ignoring this, I asked him to cut off two inches, straight across, all the way around.

Unrelated: if you have interesting haircut ideas for me, I am now accepting them.

I'm on a Mini Pizzas with Zucchini Crusts bender. I saw them on Pinterest and my life has been a downward spiral of marinara sauce and self-doubt ever since.  I tell myself they're the healthy version of Bagel Bites, and perhaps they would be if I hadn't eaten them every day for the past 5.

I have, for some reason, decided that NOW is the perfect time to read Telegraph Avenue, which is making me feel three things:
(1) VERY wistful for the East Bay, I could weep for the bulk bin section at Berkeley Bowl,
(2) Pleased that the list of books I like featuring important parrots now contains two titles, and
(3) Just generally into the idea that, for however short a time, Barack Obama is a character in this book.  Like, with dialogue.  You should read it.  And maybe also this.

And finally: black lipstick is surprisingly hard to come by when it isn't Halloween, but I located a tube yesterday at KIKO, a Milan-based makeup retailer with many stores in central Madrid.  I have big plans for this lipstick.  I really think it can be non-witchy if I try.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

absolute rubbish.

Been experimenting with cornflour pancakes recently (yes I just saw that phrase emerge from my fingertips, no I don't know who I am either) and today I'm pretty sure I nailed it.  A hybrid of a number of recipes, these guys are yellow and cornbready without being full-on johnnycakes; I'm usually a proponent of vanilla and cinnamon in my breakfast bread products, but these are better left alone to lean toward savory.  If you're achin for some sweetness after they've been cooked, top them with honey butter or maple syrup or homemade fig jam (!!!!!!!) and you will not be disappointed. PS they also happen to be gluten free.  Everybody dance.

Cornflour Pancakes
makes 9 five-inch rounds

3/4 cup cornflour (this is not the same as cornmeal)
1/4 cup brown rice flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 egg
2 tablespoons honey

All the dry things in one bowl, all the wet things in another.  Mix separately, then combine, and then mix together until smooth.

Drop 1/4 cup worth of batter at a time onto a heated, greased pan.  If you live in a country where PAM is a thing, use that, and say a grateful prayer to the heavens.  If you do not, use a little bit of butter.  Its totally indulgent and totally delicious and makes the pancakes a little crispy on the edges and there is not a single thing wrong with that.  As with all pancakes, wait until the side facing up has bubbled and popped before flipping.  Repeat with the remaining batter, and consume immediately, if you can even wait that long.

RE: post title.  I'm writing this from a couch in my new favorite Madrid coffeeshop, and next to me sitting in the window ledge are these two British men.  I'm totally eavesdropping (to my defense they are SHOUTING so I have no choice), and one just told the other that he cannot stand hearing young people speak.  "It is an infernal noise," he said.  "Their grasp of language is absolute rubbish."

I feel like pointing out to him, in my best Bridget Jones, that it would perhaps have been advantageous of him to select a different cafe at which to take his tea, as this one used to be a bike repair shop and is thus understandably teeming with flannel wearing youth just SPEAKING all over the place.  But I don't trust my fake accent enough, so I'll just tell you instead.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

put one on.

Zara sweater; unlabeled LF tank; Madewall pants; American Apparel hat; She. Was Wearing. Tory Burch flats. 

GUYS I used to feel about hats the same way I felt about sunglasses.  I thought: They are wonderful while one is in transit, you look very cool walking down the street, I wish I was you, I mentally photograph you for the Pinterest board in my brain called "Real People Looking Good in the World," but then you get to your indoor destination and you're like...what now?  Do I hold this?  In my hands?  Can I put it here on the table?  Will you remind me not to leave it here later? This was entirely unnecessary, why did I bring this, UGH regret.

Sometimes you just need to find the right version of an otherwise unnecessary object in order to make it, if not Very Necessary, at least Really Exciting To Have.  A wise friend and I went shopping, and he convinced me to buy a pair of real sunglasses.  Real like they cost more than five dollars.  Real like they even sort of looked good.  I had previously donned only massive plastic Target monstrosities, about which I was pretty ambivalent, and had therefore been remorseless in losing or sitting on every last pair.  The new model demanded a higher level of respect, mostly because I really dug them.  I did not ever forget them places because they were too cool to be without.  I did not feel burdened by them because they turned me into a ninja spy.

That's how I feel about this hat.  Its a little bit Coven-y.  A little bit like what Wednesday Adams would get at Chevy's on her birthday.  A little bit the stuff of dreams.  And so far I have not left it anywhere.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Its ok, don't worry about me, I'm just completely unable to move because I ate my body weight in salted caramel popcorn.

Do not make it unless you want to undergo a tragic and abrupt shift from Euphoric Inhalation of Super Delicious Snack to Catatonic Groaning as a Result of Unprecedented Fullness Levels.  The other option is that you could exhibit self control but I think that's a myth.

I actually can't get up from this couch.  I think I may die here.  Aside from my recent decent into gluttony I am very at peace.  I have no regrets.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have found that if you think hard enough about soup --- really really focus to the point that it takes over your dreams and you wake up with a spoon in your bed (true story, but probably more to do with the nuggets I live with than the power of my subconscious) --- you will be granted an empty kitchen for an entire weekend, and can make any soup you want.

I made Love and Lemon's kale and white bean soup, but with no chives and double the rosemary, as the latter grows, untamed and wildly fragrant, in the front yard.  The subtle wine-y ness, herbs and late-in-the-game hit of spice and vinegar make this an addictive rainy day meal situation.  Like an all day, bowl after bowl, scrape the pot clean meal situation.  Please.  Feed this to your self.

doe knut.

Kimchi Blue cropped sweater; J Crew dress; Sam Edelman flats; Tiffany's graduation/don't forget your roots/please move home at some point/etc present cable car necklace

Sometimes your only options are iPhone mirror selfies, and yet you proceed, undaunted.

When do we think "selfies" will stop autocorrecting  to "selfless" for me?  As they are kind of opposites, and the latter hasn't won any awards or been defended/defined recently, this seems like something we should fix.

Monday, January 13, 2014

get in my body.

After consuming a truly astonishing amount of cheese during my weekend in Lille, there was nothing I needed more today than a lengthy food website trolling session, heavy on the vegetables.  Nevermind that I won't be able to actually cook or eat any of these things until I'm home alone and able to fully commandeer the kitchen; the staring and the drooling and the dreaming were satisfying enough for the present.

Let's lust after some dirt candy together, shall we? (Note: some of these things have more cheese in them.  Can't stop won't stop don't know don't care)

Orange, Avocado and Feta Salad from Not Without Salt

The Winter Abundance Bowl from My New Roots

Balsamic Roasted Roots and Spinach Sauce from Sprouted Kitchen

Smoky Beetroot Hummus from The Year in Food

Lemon Rosemary Vegetable Stack with Lentils from The First Mess

Great.   Now that we're all sufficiently ravenous and health-seeking.  I'm gonna go eat a clementine and some pistachios and wistfully compose a shopping list for when I can make all of these dishes back to back to back.  And then probably go to sleep and dream about kale.   Have a lovely day.