Thursday, December 26, 2013

all is calm.

Vintage velvet crop; J Crew skirt; Steve Madden shoes; Brandy Melville necklace

California Christmas means going bare-limbed and a teeny bit bare-transpyloric plane'd. Anatomy lesson!  The more you know. Also here's a song I rewrote to be about my life:

The sun is shining,
The grass is green,
The orange and palm flowering pear trees sway.
There's never been such a day
In Beverley Hills, LA the San Francisco East Bay.

Friday, December 6, 2013

and i have your shoes.

So here's a big claim I'm gonna make: Madrid vintage shopping beats up on most if not all other forms of vintage shopping.  Big time.  All the time.  Except Sundays and public holidays when everything in Spain is closed.  For a city that wikipedia tells me has been occupied since prehistoric times (by whom, I wonder.  Raptors?), I should not be surprised by the amount of old clothes/things/art for sale on nearly every block.  But somehow the discovery of so much awesome and awesomely inexpensive old stuff makes my heart sort of flutter.

In this city, you can find pre-owned pretty much everything --- dusty magnifying glasses and faded denim workshirts from the Rastro, the entire Sherlock Holmes cannon in translation from a book stall near the park, porcelain plates from a fancy antique shop in Salamanca --- but when it comes to spending my own ca$h, I lean more in the direction of funky sweaters and grandma bags. Which is why my most recent purchases have been (1) a white cropped cable knit miracle and (2) a tiny beaded floral minaudiere, both full of secrets from their prior masters.  The best spot for this kind of shopping is without a doubt Calle de Velarde in the MalasaƱa neighborhood, which is just storefront after storefront of indie kitsch and shoes from the 70s.  I never feel quite cool enough to be in those places, but I think that's part of the draw.  Plus I also almost bought a witchy black sparkly floor length gown, in part because the scary European electropop pulsing from the loudspeakers convinced me I was a witch, but I eventually remembered and put it back on the rack.  Next time.