Sunday, November 10, 2013

five words for scarf.

H&M sweater; Madewell cords; vintage scarf; Robert Zur loafers

Some thoughts:

Now is the first time in my entire life that I have lived more than 40 minutes away from a big time body of water.  Its weird.  Where's the water?  Why can't I see any water?

Isabel Marant for H&M launches in the flesh in 4 days.  My mom and I accidentally went shopping in San Francisco on the day the Lanvin and H&M collaboration hit stores in 2011, which I had no knowledge of prior to our arrival, and we were met with astonishingly rabid hoards of people hungry for ruffles.  It was not a good time.  Do the IM/H&M sweaters look wonderful?  Yes.  Will I wait until the dust has settled, people have stopped biting each other, and at least one restock has occurred before I venture to the Gran Via megastore to cop one?  Absolutely.  And cop one (or three) I will.

If you pretend you're visiting one of the big art museums in Madrid, they let you use their free coat check area, where you can have your backpack and all of your belongings guarded by a security person while you...leave the museum and go for a run in Parque Retiro instead.  -3 points for taking advantage of a cultural institution, +5 for winningggggg.

I want to go so many places in this world, and its impossible.  The amount of hours I spend googlemapping my dreams is not insignificant.  I just want really cheap, really beautiful high speed trains to take me ALL OVER THE PLANET AT WILL.  Ok?  Who can spearhead this project.  Somebody spearhead this project.

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