Thursday, August 15, 2013


an out of focus fool

The knotted turban is a trend to which I took a long time coming around, a phrase which here means, "I hated knotted turbans until yesterday."  This was because I had only ever explored the ones that came pre-knotted or had wire in them, and I received a failing grade in How To Work With Either Of Those Things.  I tried.  I looked like Professor Trelawney.

Good thing the lovely Vanilla & Lace came to my rescue: girlfriend posted a devastatingly simple call to action -- tie. fabric. around. head. -- that gave me a good use for the scrap I cut off the bottom of an old shirt to make it work with high waisted pants.  I knew that scrap was destined for greatness.  It also sent me to the office looking like I got lost on my way to Lollapalooza so, really, victory is mine.

here she is loving on herbs

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