Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Men's Gap button down; BDG denim, Vince Camuto heels
Today on Dressing Up Like Leandra Medine: a huge short sleeved button down in the same plaid as my grade school uniform skirt (I am drawn to it with a sort of animal magnetism that I can only attribute to its cartoon character-esque ubiquity in my closet for muchos años) and cage heels.

I read The Man Repeller every day, and I have learned many a lesson from its proprietor, but I will admit that I do not usually...adhere.  To these lessons.  Leandra touts the sartorial effectiveness of single sole heels (ow), layers like a maniac (ok), invented the Arm Party (yes), and this was her wedding dress (holy whoa).  So.  I think cafeteria discipleship is in order.  The shoes and the Not My Size shirt felt like easy places to start, so here I am, in my sublet bedroom, hazardously kicking the window in an attempt to be mildly repellant.

I am most successful at this, perhaps, here, where I wonder what to do with my huge front pocket.  I've taken to keeping my phone in there, which makes it look to the casual passerby like I have a super saggy left boob.  I get aaaallllllllllll the boys this way, in case you were wondering.

Also by being cross-eyed.  And slouching.

On an unrelated note, August is Everybody Redesign Your Website Month, or so it appears, and suddenly I don't know how to navigate anything on the entire internet.  Are you having this problem?  Let's talk about it.

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