Monday, July 22, 2013

getting the W.

Just when you thought I couldn't do anything cool, this beezy sort of learned to fishtail braid.  Because a summer afternoon not punctuated with a youtube hair tutorial is a summer afternoon WASTED ya herrrd? Or if that's not your jam, you could go for a run in the rain, listen to a lot of Kendrick (both kinds) and take entire boxes of cereal to the face.  These are the things that I do.

Want to meet my summer roommates?

This is the elderflower champagne candle that was smuggled back from the UK for me in a suitcase. 

Blueberries / dried cranberries / dried apricots / almonds / cashews / pistachios / dark chocolate chips.  This roommate and I stay up late watching The West Wing together.

This is Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, who lives on a chair by the window.

Baby zucchini!!!  Game over, everybody go home.

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