Thursday, June 6, 2013

get mighty.

American Apparel leotard, Levi's denim, Sam Edelman flats
I made tea today, and not the iced kind.
It's June 6th.

Chicago, pull your shit together or I will be forced to badmouth you in front of your friend San Francisco when I go home for a bit in a week.  And we both know you have a huge secret crush on San Francisco.  It would be a shame for me to remember you to San Francisco with anything but a completely sunny outlook, wouldn't it? SO START LOOKING SUNNY, DO YOU HEAR ME? BECAUSE I THINK I'M GOING TO CRY.

These are my mom's Levi's 512s from college that I chopped into shorts and for which I feel great love.  They also have the longest zipper of any denim bottom-half-of-the-body clothing article I have ever owned, as they take "high waisted" to a brand new level.  The 80's, man.  Things were wild.

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