Thursday, June 6, 2013

get mighty.

American Apparel leotard, Levi's denim, Sam Edelman flats
I made tea today, and not the iced kind.
It's June 6th.

Chicago, pull your shit together or I will be forced to badmouth you in front of your friend San Francisco when I go home for a bit in a week.  And we both know you have a huge secret crush on San Francisco.  It would be a shame for me to remember you to San Francisco with anything but a completely sunny outlook, wouldn't it? SO START LOOKING SUNNY, DO YOU HEAR ME? BECAUSE I THINK I'M GOING TO CRY.

These are my mom's Levi's 512s from college that I chopped into shorts and for which I feel great love.  They also have the longest zipper of any denim bottom-half-of-the-body clothing article I have ever owned, as they take "high waisted" to a brand new level.  The 80's, man.  Things were wild.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

heyyy, hooo

Ain't no party like a big ass scramble party cuz a big ass scramble party's got eggs.

And friends.

And unfortunately no more sriracha.

Honestly though, just be a made-to-order scramble chef one time for your roommates for funzies.  Its good to sit down all together for a meal, you know?  Or maybe if it starts to monsoon outside, just hole up in your living room and don't let anybody else in so you can only hang out with each other and laugh a lot and then like group hug afterward or something.

...What's that?  No, no I'm definitely not crying, what do you mean college is ending soon and I don't get to live with them anymore shut up shut UP I will not have this kind of talk this is my blog go away.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


A lot of things happened at the same time, and then I had day-after-Thanksgiving sandwiches, for dinner, in spring.

First: an amigo found a cookbook on sale at a bookstore authored by a man with his same last name.  He bought it.  Because I think that's a rule.  You have to do that when that happens.

Then: my Fruit of the Month was limes, which was weird.  They were from Brazil.  And other than with alcohol or in guacamole, I could not think of a single use for them.

Then: The Voice was on, and neither of us had anything to do, and there was this new cookbook, and we were both hungry.  Since I eat anything and he dislikes or is allergic to most things, I let him pick the recipes.  So we ended up with chicken salad and cranberry sandwiches and boston lettuce salad with lime dressing, and consumed them both en masse in front of musical reality television.