Thursday, May 16, 2013

suede glutton.

Pictures circa the Nordstrom website; now there are ads everywhere trying to get me to buy them. The internet is weird.
Charlotte Olympia, you have to stop.  You can't keep making all of these cool little things that are equally absurd and exorbitantly priced, like croissant clutches and cat feet and popcorn satchels and toucans that appear to be holding your iPhone in their GUTS, ugh just QUIT it.  You make me love you and loathe you simultaneously.  I feel so good about your weirdness sometimes (I would put feline wedges at the end of my legs and never ever remove them) and then occasionally I feel not good, not good at all.  You make me feel TOO MUCH, Charlotte Olympia!  I cannot go on like this.  I am not strong enough to handle you.

Ok ok fine, just one more thing, because these zodiac loafers might be perfect.  In the event that anyone fails to notice upon meeting me that I am a fiery arthropod with eight legs and a propensity for passion, I now have the option of wearing my birthdate on my toes.  I won't, because they are $700 dollars, but I could.  In your name, Charlotte Olympia, I will settle for reading my horoscope online and pouting.

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