Thursday, April 25, 2013

we don't really need a mascot.

circa The Man Repeller
I am grinning like a freak today, I don't know what it is.  I'm in a crazyfantastic mood, and even though bummer things have happened, I have not been thrown.  Why?  Why?!  Is this happiness?!! ...she asked like an alien who had only ever previously read about the concept in books.  Actually though: I'm a pretty happy human generally, and right now I am somehow nutso carbonated, fizzin and bubblin all over the place.  Sorry if I leave a mess.  Moving on.

Today we discuss "YOLO."  All the kids are saying it.  Or they were when it was cool that one time.  I'm not gonna get existential on you -- though I could, and it would blow your mind, man -- and instead will just say that sometimes, you gotta remember YOLO.  If you are Leandra Medine, you can emblazon it across your heart or string it around your neck in diamonds, as the two above Instagram instances indicate (5x fast).  But if you are not, Only Living Once can be done in a much more practical way, like eating doughnuts for breakfast AND lunch, and then wearing a sundress with a cutout that reveals approximately your entire sternum.  Bigger stuff too, if you're into that: make the call, buy the gift, take the leap, ask the question.  But honestly?  Mostly doughnuts and sternums, because YOLO.

Interested in other acronym things you can put on your corpus?  Yeah dude me too.  I poked around the interwebs and the best thing I could find was this pack of temptats to make your own LMAO ROFL knuckle message.  "Thug life" is not an acronym.

Or maybe it is.
This Hand Understands Greatness Like It Feels Emotion.
Turnip Honey Udon Grapes Lasagna Ica Fajitas Eggplant.

In other news, it turns out I can totally do weird uneven geometric nail art on myself if I try!  This discovery is how you know I really should be packing.

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