Monday, April 22, 2013

good morning starshine

day of the earth
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Its Earth Day, y'all!

I dunno, celebrate in the way that feels the most right for you. I could think of some ideas (garden?! conserve energy??! buy organic things?!?!) but I don't want to be prescriptive.  

Personally, I'mma get inspired by nature-centric clothing articles, go for a looong run by the lake, and then go out tonight wearing my vegetable socks.  AND NOTHING ELSE, EXACTLY HOW NATURE INTENDED.  

...Just kidding I will wear a lot more things.

1. We Are Handsome mustangs one piece, which is honestly one of the less awkward things they make
2. Verameat bunny ring, ditto above
3. NastyGal neon bloom pant making me want to watercolor my own body
4. River Island snake cuff, yes please
5. Watermelon turband from Cult Gaia, though this is really the one I'm after
6. Doc Martens x Liberty London 1460 Boot in flower leather, ugh if only I was cool
7. French Connection sequin bird sweatshirt
8. New World dress by Motel, featuring maybe a landscape from space in which case disregard

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