Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Help Love You

A Few Messages I Would Like To Relay, Preferably Via Megaphone, Or On Little Slips of Paper I Could Plant In People's Coat Pockets

1. Pan roasted vegetables with miso butter. It is the way of the future.  Do not resist.
2. The time is now to wear your favorite sweatshirt, and then wear it to bed, and then wear it again tomorrow.  The time is now!
3. Surround yourself with the good smells.  Candles, perfume, incense, do it, do it, get calm, get happy, mmmm.
4. Let go of the thing.  You know the thing.  It's rooted way deep in there in your brain and you have to let it go.  Forgive the grudges, settle the arguments, trust the people.  They deserve it.  You deserve it.
5. Work on your sock game.  Nothing beats an impressive sock game.
6. How long has it been since you've eaten a doughnut?!? Honestly fix that like today slash now.
7. The age when you are too old to buy things with your name on them is never.  The age of never.
8. If Lanvin's Fall 2013 RTW jewelry can be good at using its words, so can you.  Practice.

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