Monday, February 11, 2013

pathetic fallacy.

BCBG sweater dress as cardigan; Staring at Stars romper; vintage belt; Hue tights
I sleep in this romper, which is really groundbreaking for me because I rarely utilize anything marketed as pajamas (as this was) for their intended purpose, choosing instead to spend nights in black leggings, long-sleeved waffle shirts and huge sweatshirts labeled with the names of universities I eventually elected not to attend.  I get cold at night slash always.  Never gonna be one of those delicate ladies snoozing in silk and lace unless I make a dedicated effort.  Baring even my arms takes some real (wo)manning up. 

So right but then I reverted to wearing things inappropriately, and this look is what happened.  Over the pajama-romper and leggings typical of my sleeping hours I threw a simple black belt, long earrings, and a sweater dress that I unbuttoned all the way to aid in my nefarious quest for more and more and still more cardigans.  

Its raining.  The Stranger Than Fiction Emma Thompson to my Will Ferrel is pulling out all the stops.

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