Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have a food-related problem and it is that if I cannot put sriracha on it, I do not want to eat it.
I don't know where this came from, but it came, and now it is here, and it is a problem that is equal parts spicy and limiting.  I am working on it.  But in the meantime I am also really enjoying it. I would estimate that 2/3 of my body is rooster sauce by now because I keep smothering my eggs in it and mixing it with peanut butter and thinking about how good it probably is on ice cream.  I'm sorry that's gross.  I'm sure it's just a phase.

In more important news.

I stumbled upon Stephanie LaCava's instagram the other day and became lost in a frenzy of images from a ruhl pretty lookin life.  Girl's a writer, part-time Parisian and a redhead, all of which seemed worthy to waste my time with, until it became clear that she is ALSO a home matcha latte maker.  Ugh.  Why are there people in the world who are so much better at living than I am.  I bet she has never once considered eating hot sauce with a spoon.

With SLC as my guide, I went to Whole Foods and bought my own matcha powder.  Really it was about time.  I'd been drinking the stuff from Peet's with alarming frequency and making a large dent in my coffeeshop gift card collection (I have one) because of it.  Plus I saw this.  And then LaCava.  So.  Home barista-ing it is.

You favorite kind of milk + a little water + a teaspoon of matcha powder + agave to sweeten.
Heat and whisk and wake up.

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