Saturday, January 12, 2013

tonight, we pucker.

If my life course continues in the direction it is headed, successful lipcolor will evade me until my dying day.  While an avid collector of lipstick since the nearly-goth purple flip-gloss I donned in the fourth grade, I have never been able to find a product that works: a shade that looks good on me while also being a little ostentatious (nude lipstick is an oxymoron, and so are you) by a brand that doesn't turn my mouth into a flakey, cakey, chapped mess.

Exhibit A of how much I suck at this.  I only tried to OPEN the thing.  Smashed.  Just so smashed.

My failure is especially interesting when you consider that when it comes to makeup, lipstick is the only thing my mother wears with regularity.  With her as an example, I should be really awesome at this.  Alas, lipstick-ready coloring and cosmetic ability appear not to be genetic, and so I put on Chapstick and I suffer.

Cut to right now.  Not terrible, right?!  A little vampy?  A little too much for the average lady?  Sort of makes me look severe and/or foreign?  These are always the goals.  This is M120 by Makeup far so good.  I haven't eaten or opened my mouth or spoken or breathed since putting it on, however, so I anticipate looking like a CSI victim within the hour.  Wish me luck/send Pond's.

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