Sunday, January 13, 2013

the new uniform.

Crewneck sweatshirt + sensibly enormous white ribbed tank + skinny denim + cowboy boots.

I dunno, man.  For all the game I talk re: dresses and heels, my eternal quest for more full skirts and my unyielding love of the cutoffs/flip flops/lots of sand in my hair combination...I will always feel my truest self in this here lackluster ensemble.  Perhaps my storied cowboy boot history and 13 years of Catholic school uniform crewnecks has something to do with it, making this feel like home/youth/comfort/etc.  The map of my hometown emblazoned across my chest and functional yet swag-heavy bandana headband are just extras.  This is not fashion, y'all.  This is Security Blanket Clothing.

These are my Matisse boots.  Also pictured: laptop charger and a black shoelace.  Goodnight.

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