Thursday, January 10, 2013

covering bases.

J. Crew cardigan; H&M button down; Express necklace; Frye boots
Sometimes New Year's resolutions start on January 10th.
Because it took you ten extra days to figure out a New Year's resolution.
What's that?  I'm off to an awesome start?  Shhh get back to your juice cleanse, nobody asked you.

Actually getting dressed in the morning -- even when you know you're just gonna change in a few hours because you have a dance class (!!!!!)(I'm quite bad)(but dude its so FUN) -- has felt really right these last few days.  Real shoes, big girl tops, accessories sometimes even.  Whoa dream big.  The last month has been a lot of massive sweaters and leggings and peppermint bark, so excuse me while I dig out the cool floaty button-down situation my cousin got me for Christmas and feel really proud of myself about it.  Also still leggings though.  Old habits die hard.

While my New Year's resolution is not Unpack My Christmas Break Suitcase Instead Of Just Laying On Top Of It And Hoping It Goes Away, it probably should be.

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