Saturday, September 29, 2012

rally cap.

Eating really doesn't have to be hard, I promise.

Eating also really doesn't have to only be pasta.  Somehow somebody decided eating should only ever be pasta and then they told all the college kids and all the college kids believed them.
It was a lie.  It was a lie that they told you.  Break out of the downward spiral of pasta!  It will end your life if you don't!

Not that I don't like pasta.  I really do.  And Kraft mac and cheese is my comfort food.  The one shaped like the alphabet with the alien cheese powder packet.  I love that horrible processed shit.  LOVE I SAY.  This got tangental.

Just know that you can spend very little time on dinner (less time -- and this is radical -- than it takes to boil water) and still eat interesting and new and good tasting things.

Idea: Mash up some goat cheese, arugula, salt, pepper, garlic, a teensy bit of lemon and a little honey and stuff a big ol bella cap.  Drizzle with a little olive oil and stick it in the oven.  Done.

I want a search bar on this blog.  Going back to find that ravioli post was rough.  It must be serrr hard when you have to hunt through my blog archive for old recipes you want to look at, omgzzz.  That was a joke because you'd never do that.  Only I do that.  Because I stalk myself.

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