Monday, June 25, 2012

tiny box / big city

I have now lived and worked in this crazy, 41-zip codes deep behemoth of a city for one week and I have never felt more like an ant slash also I really like it.  I will get my shit together (read: wash my dishes, the tiny box's kitchen was very obviously built for someone who only eats cereal and orders take-out) and post real stuff very soon.  For now, here are some things that are impacting my life.

Oh my god I just reread that paragraph.  I'm living in New York City for the summer.  My studio apartment is very small.  I don't know, maybe I could have been vaguer if I was really trying.  Anyway.

A new Dia de lo Muertos-y cuff bracelet.

One of my favorite summer dinners, photographed on my fire escape (!!!!! I am new enough to extreme urban living that this is still romantic/cool).

 The casual return of my favorite show to television.  Harvey Specktor for President, Donna for Life Coach/Best Friend, all in favor say aye.  Also just watch that clip.

And of course:

Dear Subway,
I am learning you so much.  I have taken you incorrectly a number of times.  But you are good and nice, and I like you.  With my iPhone in hand I know exactly how to use you mostly sometimes!  Thank you for my monthly pass.
Over and out,

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