Sunday, June 10, 2012

knot in your stomach, phlegm in your throat.

American: Eagle cutoffs, Apparel button down
Breaking up the established vacation uniform of bro tanks and running shorts with some denim on denim action.

So far, island life has meant crispy salt water hair, waytoomuch fruit, watching my sister lose her sunglasses to the ocean, consuming a stupid amount of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: BBQ Edition, listening to music that makes me sad (?!?!? why), accidentally dropping my David Foster Wallace into the pool, going to bed early and taking long baths.  Today I plunged into the Pacific at like 7:30 AM in a cap and googles (nerd! nerd! huge nerd!) and swam out until my body yelled, "You are not on swim team anymore, Kendra!  Its been a while since you were good at this!  You should probably stop before you die!!!!"  It felt really good despite the chewing out I received from my own anatomy.

Oh yeah I also rolled down a hill and got covered with every burr on all of Maui.  So.  Its been great.

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