Thursday, May 10, 2012

stolen from the woods in the dead of night.

Please tell me someone other than my sister understands this post title.  Someone.  Anyone.  Childhood.  Roald Dahl.  Am I alone in this.  k crying brb.

ALTERNATIVE TITLE: How to Poach an Egg

Although Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfasts, I have never recreated it at home because historically I could never poach an egg to save my life.  Every iteration in my own kitchen was either a stringy mess, cooked through, completely dissolved or SUPER vinegary tasting.  The perfect mix of cooked whites and runny yolk -- without the flatness or well-done taste of an egg done sunny side up or over easy -- was simply impossible to achieve, so I stuck to ordering the dish at restaurants and daydreaming about it later.

This is what failure looks like, in case you're curious:

Then one day, I followed these instructions.

Vinegar can be a good thing, and not ruin your life!
You gotta swirl the water using a whisk!
Perfect poached eggs, every time.

I put mine on raspberry jam and homemade Irish soda bread.  I think I heard angels.

I also understand that there are kitchen tools invented for this very purpose, but I am rugged, tough and anti-bougie gadgets. Or I just don't have one.  So.  There it is.

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