Monday, May 28, 2012


I have this horrible/awesome feeling that the above salad is the only thing I'm going to eat all summer long in my tiny box of a studio apartment in a sweaty, crowded, buzzing city.  Its horrible because my body will likely not love me for keeping a solely cheese and melon diet.  Its awesome because a solely cheese and melon diet sounds like EXACTLY WHAT I WANT ALL THE TIME.  HashtagI'vegotitrough.  Catch-22 was actually written about this very life dilemma, did you know that?  Anyway.

Chiffonade some basil.
Chop up some watermelon.
Crumble some goat cheese.
Toss with balsamic, and sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and coarse sea salt.
Sit near a window and think about how happy you are.


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    1. You're so cute. Loved browsing your blog after stumbling upon it through your new Small Kitchen farmer's market feature! Keep up the good work!

      *typo fixing from the first attempt.