Thursday, May 10, 2012

algunas cosas.

Cool watercolors from a waytoocool bikini blogger (how is that even a thing).  I can't look at this blog for very long because it makes me want to either die or dye my hair blonde, move to Hawaii and become Rebekah Steen.

Thinking about home.

Milton Greene and the Ballerina Sitting.  Too much Smash, probably.

My Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats.

GREAT gradation eyeshadow from Rodarte's NYFW show...I got bored in class and went waaayyy far back in Jamie Beck's life.

And finally:
Camilla Belle's dress at the Met Costume Gala.  This article of clothing has not left the forefront of my consciousness since the second I spotted it.  Ugh.  Maybe perfect.

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  1. Nice blog, food and photography, some of the best things in life!