Monday, March 12, 2012



Today I finally found a place near my apartment that sells gjetost, a Norwegian brown goat cheese pronounced like the post title.  It has been all over my life recently, but not in an edible capacity, which is really the ONLY capacity in which cheese MATTERS.

I've been suffering.  That's the point I'm trying to make here.

First I read about it on a blog that I love and viewed it in the form of a crazy sandwich.
Then I wikipedia'd it and learned all of the facts.
Then it was on this list, and I was like, "Literally?! All I want to do is try this cheese and the universe is conspiring against me!!!  UGH."

Ugh indeed.
Until today, when for the first time ever, I spotted it in a local grocery store, snatched it up, and ran home to try it immediately.

Gjetost is golden-brown in color and has a thicker and creamier consistency than other blocked cheeses.  It is also SWEET, tasting like a sort of fudgy caramel... Norwegian... cheese thing.  I don't know.  But guys: its really good.  Melted on toast?  Absolutely.  With apples and pears?  Definitely.  Fed to my roommate who said in response, "What is this, sugar cheese whiz?"  Unfortunately yes.  But she also eats popcorn and rice cakes for every meal, so she isn't to be trusted.

Gjetost is usually sliced very thinly with a cheese plane, but I don't have one.  I attempted to use a potato peeler.

Not super effective.  But I got the idea.

Conclusion:  I'm a big fan.  Gjetost is an interesting flavor combination, and cool way to switch up cheese-based dishes.  I'm excited to try it in grilled cheese as above, as a base topping for a sweet pizza, added to a cheese combo in mac and cheese, and/or shaved on top of soup.  An easy place to start is to make it a fixture on your next cheese plate.  Perhaps this product's striking similarity to candy is weirding you out.  To that I say: candy is good and cheese is good.  Face your fears.  Buy the gjetost.

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  1. This was a fun post. I'd never heard of gjetost, but now I want to try it. Story of my life with food trends, and hence why most of my meals right now consist of nutritional yeast (actually really useful, but perhaps not in economy-sized tins) and Trader Joe's cookie butter (dare I say...meh? Too flour-y for me). Struggz.