Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hustle bustle.

peplum like whoa.
Does someone know what I'm doing wrong with my polyvore situation?  Why so small?  Kendra, why so inept?  Ugh.  I'll figure it out.  Sorry I suck.
(I wrote this post a long time ago but then I danced for 30 consecutive hours and forgot about it.  Spoiler alert: I remembered!  And here it is.)

I have mixed feelings about the peplum skirt / jacket / shirt / life.  Pieces with peplums are pretty.  But also I am afraid of them.  I have this fear that only stick figure rake people can wear them and when people who are ok eating entire avocados for breakfast (so real) try to, they just stick out at odd angles and make you look like you have a weird mid-secton ruffle-growth.  Is this warranted?  Am I crazy?  Anyway.

I have a feeling, which is less of a feeling and more of a something I know since I keep frickin reading about it, that this will probably change in the near future.  Peplums...are going to be a thing.  A real deal thing.  This girl is gonna have to face her fear.

The above is inspiration circa Tibi (the same one Ms. Repeller is wearing here), Betsey Johnson, Alice + Oliva, Burberry Prorsum, Prabal Gurung, and nastygal.

This is the same dress being sold twice.  

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  1. Peplum leaves me on the fence. It looks great on models and in picture, then bam you pop some hips on the person and it's competition!

    :) Ewa