Friday, February 24, 2012

weeks on weeks on weeks.

Topshop Unique.  Left is what I imagine my ideal college wardrobe to be.  Ugh that coat!  Yes.  Right includes some mixed media sleeves (see Muppet arms, featured below), and some dominatrixtastic boots.

So New York Fashion Week happened.  And London's Fashion Week.

Now it's in Milan?  Then it goes to Paris?  It just keeps moving.  No stopping ever.  Or eating.  Its like a traveling circus of beautiful aliens and SLRs.

I don't know.  I was talking to someone the other day about how this blog got its name, and I told her (because its true...I could have skipped this whole introduction and started the sentence here:) I really loved the idea of map and traveling imagery for the site.  I didn't want it to come across as didactic in any way.  I wanted the world (or at least my mom, dutiful follower that she is) to know that in no way do I consider myself an expert at anything.  I'm not even very well versed in most things.  I am lost, often.  This is a blog on which I traipse through my closet and my kitchen and make big time messes in both places.  Life, amirite?

So I feel like I'm either not allowed to talk about Fashion Week, or supposed to know everything about what's going on.

And instead of either of those things, I'm going to just smash together a lot of pictures and write sassy comments underneath them.  How do we feel about that course of action, do we feel good about that course of action?

Alright, then.  Away we go.

House of Holland, I love you so much.  Ever since I fell in love with your legwear.  THIS though.  Full embrace of houndstooth, primary colors, and the leather bellbottom, which really should never have left our lives.  Was it ever in our lives?  No?  That was an error on our part.  On the right we've got a Sesame Street character that made me remember the Michael Kors New York show, which was a lot of black and red.  My favorite being:

This skirt.  There were also a number of wonderfully fringy buffalo checked poncho/robe hybrids that sort of looked like picnic blankets with arms?  Clutch.

Here's the rest of my Topshop Unique favorites.  Just so good.  I would wear that dress AND that velvet overall situation!  Probably not together!  But I might be able to be talked into it!  This whole show was beautiful and everyday classy.

Marc Jacobs.  I have a question for you.  At what point were you like YES I've GOT IT we'll make hats that the model could fit her entire BODY inside of and we'll also make them FURRY oh and ALSO what about LEPRECHAUN PILGRIM SHOES?!?  Bedazzled of course.  What?  What?!  But even looking past the show-cessories, these dresses are shaped like bowling pins.  I feel too many feelings.

If we're gonna talk about weird show decisions, I am going to lead us on a very small stroll down memory lane.  For weirdness' sake.  So we can collectively tilt our heads and say, "Ok?  It was a choice."

First stop, Givenchy ss2012.  And the septum piercing decision.  Yum.  By which I mean why.  Why.

Exactly a year ago, London Fashion Week for Fall 2011 meant Topshop Unique turned everyone into a mouse.  Including my fav.  I am not against this.  I like this, even.  Unobtrusive.  Maybe a little severe for 9 AM class.  But I tend to think brushed hair is too severe for 9 AM, so.  Grain of salt.

End of memory lane tour.

Back to House of Holland.  SO MUCH YES ON THE LEFT dear GOD.  The tights.  Yes.  Yes.  I want you on my body right now.  Peaks of green are everything that matter to me.  And on the right, as promised, more Muppet arms.  This is apparently a thing.  See below:

Theyskens' Theory.  Double duty animal life upper body warm-keeping.  Hmm, Kendra?  What was that sentence?  No one knows.  I can't write properly when faced with the appendages of a strawberry blonde gorilla.

And finally, closing us out is the Vivienne Westwood Red Label.  Cool leg situations (sometimes funky drawings of symbols, a la top left), kickass layering, classy accessories (long live the neck scarf) (also ribboned fedora = so sassy), and totally doable pattern mixing.  Its not called Ready to Wear for nothing.

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