Thursday, February 2, 2012

a riddle.

Q. How do you make two pounds of carrots disappear?
A. Carrot fries.

Step 1: Make them.

Like an army of little orange stumps.


I know.  This looks like something from space.  But I actually really like it for occasions like this (and for my panini maker) when the alternative would be to toss the carrots in olive oil (or use a pat of butter to get a good crust on a sandwich).  It works wonders without being overbearingly fat-tastic, and you have careful control over portion.

Sprinkle with whatever seasonings you like (I am partial to garlic salt and pepper, but you do you knowwhati'msayin?).

BROIL.  15 minutes on high.

Step 2 (Did you forget we were doing the step thing?  Me too, for a second): After they cool, put the carrot fries into a tupperware container.

Step 3: Sit on your couch with a book and proceed to consume...all of them.

I should be turning orange any day now.  But real talk: a super addictive way to get your beta carotene, and a fun alternative to french fries as a side dish for sandwiches and burgers.  Dip them in hummus!  Or whatever dip you like!  Do whatever makes you happy!  I support you in all endeavors, carrot fry and not carrot fry related.

PS: eat dessert.

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