Saturday, February 18, 2012

metal detection.

Living Doll shawl; Gilligan & O'Malley slip; Hue tights; Frye boots; too many bracelets and pins (left) / the same, but all the while robotically shaking hair from face (right)
All the things that I should be doing are way less appealing to me than wearing seventeen hundred thousand bracelets, striped socks, and a slip and eating tofu all day long so...I did the latter instead.

When it was finally time to emerge into the world, I added tights, a lace-lined silk shawl thing, black boots, and some serious flair.  My mom's old pins / prayer hands my second grade teacher gave us when my class got our First Communion (Catholic school, whattup) definitely outweighed the buttons (the Mount Vernon souvenir one is my fav), so I didn't look tooooo much like an overzealous restaurant employee.  I hope.

Here are some other (fancier) (cooler) (prettier) (yeah, just better) people doing the sleepwear for outerwear thing:  Rumi Neely in a pajama top / Leandra Medine doing a mismatched top and bottom thing / Stella McCartney's kickass silk duo / and this.  Unclear.

Also?  The roll-out-of-bed-and-just-go-about-your-day-in-what-you're-already-wearing trend works best if you don't sleep naked.  I don't know.  Thought I should mention it.  Just in case.

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