Thursday, February 9, 2012

hot blacks.

American Apparel shirt; Kimchi Blue skirt; vintage necklace and belt; Frye boots
So a lot of fashion bloggers whom I admire have recently posted videos of themselves on their pages (mostly beautifully edited little things announcing their upcoming collaborations with various lines and brands / la dee dahhhh / the life of a fashion blogger is SER HERRD) and I've discovered that its really weird to.  Um.  Hear them speak.

Its like, here is a person whose face I look at every single day, whose writing style I know and understand, and whose fashion sense I find exciting and cool, and prior to this moment I had no idea what they SOUNDED LIKE.  And it THROWS ME OFF, man.  I don't know.  I don't know.  Maybe I was expecting everyone to be British.  There's just some sort of incongruence.  Its funky.  I almost want to make them stop moving and stop speaking and go back to being in the pictures where they're frozen and silent and I know what's going on.  Is this a strange response I'm having?  I'll stop.

Black on black on upholstery patterned black on a weeknight.  A vintage bauble, patterned tights, boots made for walking.  Or walkin'.  Whatevs.

Outside, everything but the wackohair fades into the night.

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