Saturday, February 4, 2012

hollaback youngin.

Sweater from the theatre department costume shop sale, so all I know about it is that it was previously worn in a production of Footloose; Hue tights; Frye boots; Revlon nail color in Cinna-snap


Remember in kindergarten when it was the 100th day of school and everyone had to bring in 100 of something?  Beads or pennies or pieces of macaroni?

Here is my offering on this very special day: 100 exclamation points.


You're welcome.  And here's to 100 100's more.

Inspired by a kickass old lady blog and its upcoming documentary, I broke out what can only have begun its life as a grandma sweater, and what I'm sure will continue to be a part of my rotation until I inevitably become one of the heavily-jeweled and supafly wrinkled wonders exhibited therein.

New boots.  So happy.  

Can't stop looking at 'em.

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