Thursday, January 26, 2012


Pinstripe button downs in baby announcement colors (pink: BDG; blue: Gap)

I don't mean in a love-y way, but there's something romantic about the rain.
Do you know what I mean?
In the same way that coffee and eating breakfast and wallpapered rooms are romantic?

Do you think I'm nuts?

Anyway.  For an inexplicable reason (assuming you rule out science, which can be used to explain most things but which I would rather ignore entirely), it rained the other day instead of snowing, and I had the overwhelming urge to dress in as many pastels as possible and to hum/splash a little bit on my way to class.  Not to mention warble and tap.  But those are normal urges.

Here are some close ups of the springtime patterns and detailing I've been donning recently.  They're inevitably accompanied by black leggings and massive North Face puffy coats, but just the hint of cheerful styling is enough for me.

Railroad conductor shorts with red and gold stitching (Free People)
Supercozy pullover with cuffed sleeves (Mossimo)
Tiny hydrangea high waisted mini skirt (H&M)
Sherbet motorcycle jacket and Tiffany's-colored bow barrette (YAYA by Nom du Plume and American Apparel)

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