Saturday, January 28, 2012


H&M sweater; flannel dress (?); Hue tights; BCBGeneration boots
I couldn't wait with the hair close-up because, I mean, how WEIRD is it?!  So weird.  The weirdest.  But this is the rest of the outfit from the other day. Doing some sweater/flannel + striped/plaid + cowl/collar layering, which SOUNDS like a mess, but was actually the comfiest/if homeless-chic is a thing then it was that.  All about wearing all of the clothes you own at once.

Mayhaps we got a little bit real there.
Very sorry.
And additionally sorry for using so many slashes in this post.
//////////////. //. /.

From the top.  I love sleeve-cuffing one pattern with another.

The end.

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