Tuesday, January 17, 2012

rainbow brite.

My hair is a medium-dark brown and has been my entire life.  It lightens slightly in the summer, but pitches itself right back into boring and single-hued as soon as fall even hints at its return.  I've never dyed it, never had highlights, never nothing.

Mah hurr be a snooze-fest, yo.

But I am also petrified of big changes.  I have not updated my iPhone because I live in fear.  (Not really.  But sort of.  Moving on.)  And while I dream of a world in which I could follow in the footsteps of the many brightly-locked female role models that exist (including my sister circa this summer), I know it would never happen on my own accord.

Let's drool over badass chicks, yeah?

First, some aloof and supercool film girls making all the boys cuhrazy.

And rainbow-topped pop starz.

Some random people I found on the interwebs.

And recently, in a very Charlotte Free move, my friend Sam.

Beautiful isn't it/she?

The point of this is that my hair is being dyed blue tomorrow for a student film.  I don't know how much, or how blue, but its happening.  So.  We can all look forward to that!  I'm crossing my fingers that it will channel one of the above ladies.  Because...God knows they're all 106.7% cooler than I am.

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