Thursday, December 1, 2011

what i like, now.

Eclectic arm parties.  Metal and string to the elbow, yo.

Kreayshawn's bitchin liquid liner XTREMEwing.  Look at how cute and nice she looks in this picture!  Usually she looks like this:

Is that offensive?  Sorry.

Bleached ends. When my hair is long again I am going to DO THIS.  Also this:

Fishtail braids might be the most perfect hairstyle.  They work for sleeping AND prom.  What else works for sleeping AND prom?!  Nothing.

Ok maybe gowns.  Ball gown // night gown.  Ok fine, fishtail braids and gowns.  
But that's it.

Awesome finger tat / ring combinations.  What is this reminder bow greatness?  
Also teeth.  
Also cupcakes.

Also nachos.
Mostly nachos.

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