Tuesday, November 22, 2011

going out / staying in

Flea market Levi's flannel; BDG jeans; Silence + Noise top; Kelsi Dagger boots
Sometimes you have to mix things that don't initially seem like they should go together.
You have to do it just to see.

Or the inventor of the PB&J.

Wear a backless silk nude tank and a giant flannel at the same time.

Its like wearing all of the kinds of pajamas that exist, all at once.

Things that have been in my brain recently:

- excitement to be able to look Mount Diablo in the face later today when I'm back in the Bay for Thanksgiving
- growing obsession with model Charlotte Free; she's only 5' 7" and she has pink hair and ugh
- fond remembrance of the pumpkin ravioli I made last night for dinner that knocked me sideways

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