Thursday, November 3, 2011

all hallows.

I'm less than a week late so I figure its still ok to talk about.

What were you for Halloween?!  So vital.  So important.  Best holiday of the year maybe.

In my dream world, I looked like these people on each respective night of Halloweekend:

But in reality --- just not the case.

This year I was a skeleton and Cleopatra.  My makeup looked a little bit like I got in a fist fight for the former, and was definitely not Elizabeth Taylor -esque in ANY way for the latter, but dudes, I did my very best.

Similar and strange facial expressions.

I loved that I got to utilize some old favorites (Betsey Johnson bones sweater: such a good thing) and pick up some cool new pieces that will definitely keep appearing in my everyday outfits (a chunky vintage gold necklace, and a mummy-tastic bandage crop from the theatre department costume sale at school).

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