Monday, October 10, 2011


What a lovely weekend.  Fall colors, incredible weather, and really good food.

Sometimes you have to be real with yourself and remember that it's going to snow soon.  Figuratively or very, very literally.  So you'd better get your butt outside while that's still a pleasurable experience, and spend as much time out there as possible.

While you're at it, watch somebody that you like play a sport at a field with a skyline view.  Also buy 4 different flavors of single serving ice creams because you can't choose anything to save your life and then share them while watching a super hero movie.  Crunch all of the fallen leaves under your boots.  Eat brunch at M Henry aka Heaven aka Inducer of Happiness Comas aka UGH.  Wear some ruffles.  Sleep for a lot of consecutive hours.  Write a letter and send it in the mail to someone who lives in a different state.

I did these things this weekend instead of my homework.  But listen.  This is my life homework.  These tasks were happiness assignments.  And I got an A+ on all of them, ya heard?

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