Sunday, October 16, 2011

if i were a boy.

GAP sweater; Hanes undershirt; ReRock jeans; Aldo shoes
This sweater used to belong to my boyfriend, until the day his mom shrunk it past the point of no return.  It was in the give-away pile in his bedroom one afternoon in high school and I snatched it up like an impoverished creature who feeds only on stripes in primary colors and said, "CAN I HAVE THIS PLEASE?!"

Similarly, I was incredibly jazzed in fourth grade when I had the same pair of shoes as a boy in my class named Jake.  He sputtered a little bit when he saw mine, but I assured him that I had picked them up in the boy's section of the Vans store (I was cool), and thus his ten year old masculinity was upheld for another day.

I have always loved shopping in the boy's section, much to my mother's initial chagrin.  Pac Sun has a great one.  H&M has a SUBERB one.  And GAP, ladies and gentlemen, is where I bought my first oversized man's button down to wear over leggings.  People with clout in the fashion world tend to decide that androgyny is "in" every couple of seasons, but the meant-for-boys section of my closet doesn't seem to listen and instead just steadily increases in size.  Boyfriend jeans, big boxy blazers and loafers will always be cool in my book, due equally to how comfortable they are to wear and how effortlessly fashionable they look.  I don't know if I'll ever go full-tilt man glam (she's a goddess, how dare I even try), but stealing bits from the boys here and there can be a fun and funky way to update your wardrobe.

Side note: brown, and black, and pointed, and wedged?  Marry me, Aldo.

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