Monday, October 3, 2011

blurry and focused.

Zara shirt; Kimchi Blue trousers seen here; Steve Madden pumps; Hurley jacket; Coach bag

These pictures are all over the place.  Clarity was a big issue today in more ways than one. What are you gonna do.

I was thirteen when my mother gave me Bobbi Brown's handy how-to entitled Teenage Beauty.  It was, I think, an attempt to usher me out of my gigantic hoop earring/thick liquid eyeliner faze as quickly as possible, and the book eventually proved to be the Bible of my early adolescence.  Cosmetics mogul and preacher of self-confidence, Bobbi Brown taught me many things, not the least of which was that a classy lady wears something tight on the top or the bottom of her outfit, but never both at the same time.  She said something like, "If you aren't rail skinny, you can't pull it off.  And if you are rail skinny, we don't want to see you wear all tight things because we will all decide that we hate you."  Awesome, right?  There was also a whole chapter on braces.  She understood.

Today I went 100% anti-tight, which I'm sure is also something Bobbi would condemn.  Sloppy, she'd call it.  But I'm of the camp that all-over baggy can work, if done carefully and with the proper tools.  A cinched waist is key, fun colors and patterns keep it from being frumpy, and tiny heels give it that last boost of put-together-ness.  

Nude heels, guys.  Leg elongating gold.

Also included in today's ensemble were a paperbag waist and some purposeful earring changes.  It takes a lot for me to stray from my normal birds and bees earrings (I'll show you them eventually... I literally don't take them out ever), but somehow today it felt right.  Some fiery blown glass and flat black polka dots circa a street fair and Nordstrom, respectively.

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