Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what if no one wants to be my friend?

Forever 21 dress, vintage belt, HIP sweater
Had you witnessed my behavior this morning, you would have assumed that it was my first day of second grade and not, in fact, my junior year of college.

I made a lot of nervous noises and huddled in bed until I absolutely HAD to get up.
I thought about what to wear for a long time and didn't come up with anything monumental.
I was pretty certain that I was going to throw up.

Why so weird, self?  Whatchu freakin out fo?  The thrill of being able to pick out schoolday outfits has long subsided (after 12 years of Catholic school uniforms -- which I actually adored and sometimes still wear to class, haters to the left -- dressing myself became a cause for celebration) and I already know my way around campus.  This should not be a scary day.  

But the start of each new year will alway be a tiny bit thrilling, and I think my increased heart rate is little more than an indicator that I am a giant nerd and really really like school.  I'd been back in the area for long enough.  It was time to see some syllabi.

This makeup situation is either for a play, or my 10 AM Jane Austen class which I'm pretty sure I'm dropping.  Hint: I'm a sea creature.  Another hint: reading Northanger Abbey underwater is really hard.

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